11 Engagement Prompts to Include in Your Social Media Posts

11 Engagement Prompts to Include in Your Social Media Posts

Engagement prompts are devices that make it clear how your audience can respond to a post. By incorporating an engagement prompt into each social media post you make it easier to get conversations going and generate the reaction or response you’re hoping for. Plus, the more engagement your posts get, the more the social media algorithms will serve your content to new people!

Engagement Prompts For Engaging Social Media Content

  1. Ask a question

    Open ended questions are generally more powerful than yes or no questions

  2. Run a poll or have people vote

    Whether it’s with a poll feature, emoji responses or text a lot of audiences enjoy these but you don’t want to overuse this

  3. Post an extreme opinion or statement

    This can be silly or serious but the more extreme your statement or claim is, the more compelled people will be to respond

  4. Play on emotions

    Posting content that is meant to elicit an emotional response often triggers not only some of the highest comments and reactions but it is some of the most shared content on social media

  5. Contesting

    Having people enter contests with social media engagement is often a nice way to boost your visibility

  6. Include a call to action (CTA)

    If there is specific action you want your audience to take, tell them!

  7. Interactive content

    Videos, links, infographics, podcasts – all of this content by default requires the audience to engage to consume the content (generally best paired with a CTA)

  8. Trending topic content

    Whether you’re newsjacking or creating content for a holiday or theme day, bandwagoning or trending topic content comes with built in “join us in…” engagement prompts and has the added bonus of possible reaching a larger audience through hashtags or keywords

  9. Call-outs

    Tagging other companies, organizations, influencers, celebrities or even just other industry people not only incites the people mentioned to respond but often others will jump in on the conversation

  10. Answers

    Just like asking questions is a good engagement prompt, providing an answer to a common question or resharing a question asked of you with the answer can trigger responses to your response.

  11. Careers & Hiring

    People like to feel helpful by sharing job postings for openings in their industry or profession, just as people like to celebrate new hires. Expect shares from well written job posts and likes and comments from new hire posts but don’t forget to include a “help us welcome” or “say hi to Annie” to help start the engagement!

What other engagement prompts do you like to use? Let me know in the comments! If you liked this post and found it valuable, please share so others can discover it too! Good luck with your next batch of content writing and let me know if there are other topics you’d like me to write about.

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