Noble Experiment Wine

Noble Experiment Wine

Winery: 2 Origins Wine Company

Name: The Noble Experiment Wine Co.

Vintage: ?

Region: Canada & California

Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon

Price: $12.95

First Sip

It’s slightly fruity with some deeper notes on the nose. The first sip is slightly acidic but easy and lightly fruity. The bite sneaks away for the second sip and I can’t help but liken it to juice with how easy and slightly sweet and fruity it is.

The boyfriend is perturbed that the label says there are notes of fig and he is vehement that there is NO FIG in this wine!

Tasting Notes

The boyfriend and I are chatting, and chatting and chatting after a long day and long week for both of us – and it’s only Tuesday. We’re about to have a spicy pasta dinner and we crack this as we’re chatting and making dinner. It was picked up, almost as an afterthought, at the Superstore right before making dinner, and for grocery store wine we don’t get our hopes up as everything is Ontario or Ontario blend and it’s just not our favourite region. (I know, I’m a bad Canadian, I’m sorry.) However this one is light and fruity and would be a great summer red!

The boyfriend says there is nothing about it that stands out but as such, it is easily servable to a multitude of guests. It is smooth, light and unoffensive. He adds “When you think of a Cabernet Sauvignon, this is what you think of.”

I like a bigger wine but for a lighter wine this is nice, however I’ll probably wait until the heat of summer to sip this one again.

Label Maker or Breaker?

Love, love, LOVE this label! It’s fun, it’s funky, it’s classic and modern all at once. I’d be happy to have this as part of the decor on my wine counter as the car and the textures make me smile – and I’m a sucker for red and black and cream. Would absolutely give this as a gift because it looks great and it’s not going to upset anyone.

  • Price
  • Nose
  • Taste
  • Bottle
  • Buy Again
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