Review: Omega Paw Solutions Dental Ring

Review: Omega Paw Solutions Dental Ring

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Charlie hates, hates, HATES to have his teeth brushed, so any tricks I can pull to get even a little cleaning in I’ll give a try. The claims the Omega Paw Solutions Dental Ring makes are:

  • Dogs use it themselves
  • Removes plaque to the gum line
  • Professional cleaning results
  • Dental Ring is covered in toothpaste for fresh breath

The dental rings are basically cardboard rings with hardened toothpaste “icing” on one side. They don’t look like much, but Charlie goes crazy for empty wrapping paper tubes and boxes if I toss them across the floor so I wasn’t too worried about his reaction.

As soon as Charlie sees it he sits pretty and his tail wags like crazy in anticipation! (He doesn’t even suspect that it’s supposed to be good for him! 😉
The second I give the command, he practically jumps out of his skin to get at it!

Charlie found a comfy place (unfortunately, my yoga mat,) and chewed away happily. He gnawed and chewed and peeled off strips of wet cardboard that he spat out all over the floor (gross!) but it kept him entertained for a good length of time. After about 20 minutes he had wandered off and I was left to clean up the damp cardboard from the yoga mat and floor; he had chewed up and peeled off a little over half of the ring.

Did he use it himself? He absolutely did, and I scored a few minutes of peace where he wasn’t pawing at me for cuddles, food or bathroom breaks.

Did it remove plaque and give professional cleaning results? Meh, his teeth looked about the same but I’m no pro so I can’t say one way or another.

Charlie has pretty good breath generally, for a dog, but yeah I’d say the toothpaste helped keep him fresh. It wasn’t overly noticeable though.

At just under $5 for a pack of three, it is an inexpensive bit of entertainment for the pup and MAY even have some dental benefits. I’m not a fan of the clean up element and may reserve this in future for outdoor play, but if it does help his teeth, it’s a small price to pay to pick up some wet, chewed up cardboard bits. So all in all, Charlie seemed to like it, me, not so much and I’m skeptical about the dental claims. But, let’s be honest, if the pup likes it I’ll probably get it for him again, because he’s spoiled and it’s no different than him disembowelling almost every stuffy he’s ever touched and me picking up wet stuffing in every room of the house.

Dental Ring
  • Value for money
  • Playability / Usability
  • Charlie’s vote
  • Shawna’s vote
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